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Buy TD Jakes Audio Books on CDs at AMF Christian Videos and get them shipped fast. If the CDs are in stock, we ship TD Jakes audio books the same day if ordered before 12 Noon Central Time Monday through Friday. Holidays are excluded. Our audio books are purchased in bulk from TD Jakes Ministries, therefore you will be supporting TD Jakes Ministries when buying from AMF Christian Videos, Ltd. Most of these audio books are narrated by TD Jakes himself in his well known resounding voice, but there are some exceptions. On occasion, TD Jakes will have his audio books narrated by someone else. For more info on each of these audio books, please click on the titles below.

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An excerpt from Bishop Jakes' bio written by Amy Kinzie

T.D. Jakes has a unique speaking style and his sermons contain startling insights along with fresh and inspiring commentary, allowing the message to transcend both racial and gender barriers, enabling a diverse audience to understand and apply the teachings of Christ in their lives.  His willingness to squarely confront issues often considered off limits in the church has endeared him to people seeking the relevance of the Gospel in their lives.  Bishop Jakes’ passion filled sermons touch the lives of those seeking God’s restoration, reconciliation and healing by offering contemporary applications of the Bible’s timeless message.  This ability lead Time Magazine to name Bishop T.D. Jakes “America’s Best Preacher” in September 2001.

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