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No More Sheets - Juanita Bynum DVD

No More Sheets
On DVD Video Only $24.99 at AMF Christian Videos!

USD $24.99

No More Sheets - Artist: Juanita Bynum
Publisher: Juanita Bynum Ministry
ISBN: 8901002892 - Category: Teaching and Testimony

You may be asking yourself these questions, "Why did I have to be sexually promiscuous? Why am I still with a partner and not yet satisfied?" Trust me when I tell you, that upon completing this walk with me, you will have become a better person. You will have done what a number of people are afraid to do: take a death walk. You will have experience the workings of Satan, and will no longer have to become vulnerable to his tactics, because you will have embrace the Spirit. Journey with me to your Divine Destination down the road to "No More Sheets".


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